When Making a Professional Move, Why Consider a Company’s Mission?

If you are looking to make a professional move, realize that you are not just committing to a job, you are committing to the company and to their mission, so be sure you can back that mission and are comfortable affiliating yourself with it. The mission should be one of the reasons you want to work with a company. “What” a mortgage company does is a commodity, there are a host of companies offering similar products. It is the “Why” and the “How” that sets companies like EMM Loans apart…

At EMM Loans the mission is to continually develop Raving Fans, to create customers, both internal and external, that feel there is nothing better than the experience we provide. Being able to provide this level of customer service requires a company that works with one common focus, the customer. This is “why” we do what we do, to help our internal team provide the best customer experience, to help people achieve the American Dream, to gain customers for life.

Our mission creates Raving Fans of Employees and Customers alike. Our team feel like part of the EMM family… We embrace a culture of shared values that make coming to work fun. To succeed, we do not just focus on getting a loan, our focus centers around truly caring about the customer, to realize that our products are not just sold, they are bought. The success of the customer gives us a shared purpose that offers incentive to stay engaged and enhances our positive work culture.

“How” we create these Raving Fans is by giving not just 100% but striving to achieve above 101%. That extra effort comes from communicating effectively and often so that everyone is up to speed, by leveraging technology to get accurate and timely communication transmissions, by doing everything we can to fit our customer with the best possible product. Additionally, we support our team by offering training and development opportunities so our employees can provide the best-in-class service to the customer as well as develop their career goals. And yes, sometimes it means working just a little bit harder to go that extra mile.

To confirm and quantify the impact of our Raving Fans mission, EMM Loans turns to their high Customer Satisfaction ranking through Mortgage SAT, the industry’s premier customer survey tool that measures the borrower’s experience through the entire loan process. Additionally, EMM ranks in National Mortgage Professional as a Top Mortgage Employer. High marks like these, serve to reinforce the positives that are derived from having a shared company vision.

To sum it up, we encourage our people to:

  1. Decide what they want
  2. Communicate with clients help them achieve their home loan needs
  3. Leverage EMM Resources to go above and beyond
  4. Deploy the first three points daily.

Acquiring and maintaining Raving Fans make for the best form of marketing, marketing you earn and cannot buy. If you would like to be part of this kind of a culture visit www.joinemmloans.com.